• Battery Replacement

  • If you use your phone a lot, at some point you will notice that your battery doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to when it was new. Your battery may also act erratically, such as suddenly dying when it appeared that you had plenty of charge on it. It may also take an extraordinarily long time to charge. Another symptom of a battery on it's way out is that it will swell up. You can tell a battery is swelling when your screen appears to be pushing out away from the frame. The battery can swell so much that it cracks your screen. Swelling is usually caused by the phone getting too hot, like when it's left out in the sun...or left in a hot car. We see this problem more in the summer months.

    We can replace your battery with an OEM quality part, typically within one hour. And, all of our battery repairs come with a 90 day warranty.