• Screen Replacement

  • We only use top quality, Grade A screens that come with a lifetime warranty against defect. All of our screens come from a major parts distributor located in Michigan. There are plenty of repair shops out there that get their screens from eBay or Amazon in order to save money, increasing their profit margin. Using cheap screens from these sources can lead to serious problems. Many customers have brought their phones to us after a repair at one of our competitors complaining that the glass is coming off of their phone. This is called frame separation, and can lead to internal damage when that happens. We use screens that are assembled with "Cold Press" bonding technology, and our screens never have that problem. What's worse, the other guy's screens can short out and damage the backlight circuitry on the motherboard. Motherboard damage is the worse case scenario for a phone. Finding out that your phone is irreparably damaged is very stressful...and avoidable.

    Your phone is your connection to the world. Don't take chances with just any repair shop. Go with iTek Phone Repair and keep that connection uninterrupted.